Fake 30A Gear – Buyer Beware

Fake 30A Gear – Buyer Beware


We all know that 99.99% of our posts here on DestinFlorida.com are about things to do in Destin, Florida or restaurants that you’ll love to eat at while visiting Destin on your family vacation. We also know (from experience) that many of you travel a little further east to an area called 30A for some great food and family friendly events. When we first started DestinFlorida.com we had a chance to take with Mike Ragsdale (of 30A.com) about how he made the popular brand and really made his mark along the beaches of South Walton. I personally was SUPER impressed by Mike and all he does to keep the area such a popular place to visit (even if your vacationing in the Destin area).

Today I read a post on his blog that REALLY made me feel like I should write this post and let all of our Destin Florida friends, families and fans know what’s going on down in 30A right now. You’ve probably seen the really cool 30A stickers on cars, restaurants, and signs all over the place. Apparently the owner of one of those “junky shops” down in 30A has decided to make and sell knockoff 30A gear. Aside from the fact that it’s clear trademark infringement its also just bad business and completely unethical. It ends up hurting all the tourist who visit the area!

Here’s a link to the post made by 30A – 30A Trademark Infringement 

We’d like to just suggest that if you’re visiting Destin Florida on vacation and happen to shoot over to 30A for some dinner or family events please don’t buy the knockoff gear from this junky shop. You get what you pay for and Mike’s done a great job of producing super high quality gear that you can be proud to wear!

Of course we want you to wear Destin, Florida gear also 🙂 …. but we love 30A too!


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