Brothers Save Shark

Brothers Save Shark

destin vacationWhen you go on a Destin vacation, what do you expect to do? You probably expect to spend some time enjoying the sun and maybe spend a little bit of time doing some shopping. Then, of course, you are going to hit up some delicious restaurants.

You probably don’t plan to spend time saving sharks.

That’s just what Marcus Lakos and his brother did when they were in Destin. The Texas brothers noticed a 10-foot hammerhead shark in distress. The shark had fishing line tangled around its head and several deep sea fishing lures caught in its mouth. The brothers didn’t want to see the shark suffer so they brought it to the beach to help it. Once they removed the fishing line and hooks, they led it back into the water, and it swam away.

Helping Hands

While the two brothers started the process of helping the shark, other beachgoers came up and helped out as well…after they realized that the brothers weren’t crazy. With the help of the other travelers, the brothers were able to get to the shark to shore pretty easily, even though they were using their bare hands.

A Great Story…But

This is a great story of two guys helping out a shark, but we don’t recommend that you try this during your next Destin vacation. Instead of jumping in to help the shark, consider calling for help. Let someone who is trained stand up and take care of the shark.

That being said, we can’t help but be impressed with what these two brothers did. They definitely deserve a round of applause for their fast thinking action. They likely saved that shark’s life, or at least prevented him from undergoing a lot of suffering. That is something that only a few people can say after they return from a Destin vacation.


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