Destin Florida Beaches

So you’re thinking about a Destin, Florida vacation right?

You are in for SUCH a treat! Destin, Florida has some of the most phenomenal beaches
you will find in the continental United States of America. From the amazing colors of the
water all the way to the sugar white sand when you’re in Destin, Florida you truly feel like
you’re somewhere in the Caribbean.

Our DestinFlorida.com team took this photo below in June. One of the
things you’ll immediately notice is the vibrance and colors of the water.
It’s not uncommon to walk out on your balcony and see these turquoise
and blue colors in the water, which are absolutely stunning…

Destin Florida Beaches

Destin Florida Beach in June

But then again it’s not uncommon to walk out on that same balcony during
your vacation and see the water be a completely different color, Emerald Green.
That’s where it got the name “The Emerald Coast”. Here’s a shot of the water
on one of the “Emerald Green” days in Destin.

Destin Florida Beaches

Destin Florida beaches with emerald green water.

Another great thing about the Destin Florida Beaches is how you can experience
so many different ‘vibes’ on the beach. That’s really the only way we know how to
put it. In most beach towns or cities the ocean stays pretty consistent as far as the
waves are concerned. Either you have them, or you don’t.

In Destin, Florida things are a bit different for vacationers hoping to have a great
time on the beach. Some days the ocean literally looks like a big swimming pool.
Young kids can play in the ocean without getting smacked down by big powerful
waves, and anyone can lay on a raft all day long peacefully without getting pushed
over by the waves. It’s really a sight to see…

Destin Florida Beach and Ocean

Destin Florida Ocean Without Waves

And guess what? If waves are your thing then Destin is still a great place
to vacation. There are days when the waves are large enough you can even
surf on them! No this isn’t Southern California, but it’s still a ton of fun for
those who enjoy surfing, boogie boarding or just hopping the waves on their
tire tube floats.


Destin Florida Ocean

Destin Florida Waves

If you’re looking for one of the most amazing coastlines not just in the US,
but in the entire world you’ll find it right in tiny little Destin, Florida. It’s
one of those ‘hidden gems’ that very few people even know about, but those
that do take full advantage of it. Most people you meet on the beach will tell
you stories of how their families have been vacationing here for generations.

We love Destin, Florida and we hope you will as well. Hopefully this short
bit of information about the Destin beaches will give you some insight as
to why this makes a great place for your next vacation or even permanent

Here’s one last view of the coastline we will leave you with. And we look
forward to seeing you on the beaches soon!

Destin Florida Beaches

Destin Florida beaches and coastline.

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