Jolee Island Nature Park

Jolee Island Nature Park

Jolee Island Nature Park in Destin, FloridaIf you are staying at the Sandestin Resort during your Destin, Florida vacation, add the Jolee Island Nature Park to your itinerary. You have to be a guest of the resort to access the park. Once you are inside, you can enjoy some great scenery plus some activities.

What’s Inside?

Jolee Island Nature Park is a five-acre park that is located on an island. You enter the park by going over a wooden footbridge. The footbridge takes you across a scenic salt marsh.  The park has a pirate shipped playground that is surrounded by porch swings. You can sit on the swings and look out at Horseshoe Bayou while the kids play. You can also walk along the nature trail.

There is also a picnic area located at Jolee Island Nature Park. Bring a lunch with you so you can sit and relax while you are there. This will give you the opportunity to sit back and really appreciate everything Destin, Florida has to offer.

Getting There

You can head out on foot or you can ride your bike over to the Jolee Island Nature Park. You can also rent a canoe or a kayak and head over. This is a great option if you want to enjoy the water while you are at the Destin, Florida park.

Catch a Sunset

If you have some time in the evening, head over to the park so you can watch the sun set. This is one of the best places to see the sun set in Destin, Florida and you will not be disappointed. As an added bonus, you will be comfortable while you watch, since you can sit in a porch swing.

Destin, Florida is a beautiful place, and the Jolee Island Nature Park makes it easy to appreciate that beauty. Head over to the park so you can take it all in while you are in Destin.



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